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What shouldn’t happen in a good service?

In an ideal CAMHS service, what kinds of things shouldn’t happen?

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Did CAMHS ever liaise with your school whilst you were using their services?

If CAMHS did liaise with your school, did they involve you in this process?

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How did you talk to your friends about CAMHS?

Did you decide to tell your friends and how did you explain to them what CAMHS was?

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Did your teachers know you were involved with CAMHS?

How much did your teachers know about your involvement with CAMHS? Did someone tell them you were accessing CAMHS and was this helpful?

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What shouldn’t happen if CAMHS is doing its job properly?

What sort of things might you see if CAMHS isn’t getting it quite right?

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Does being referred to CAMHS mean you’re “crazy”?

There is a lot of stigma associated with being referred to CAMHS, does being referred to CAMHS mean that you are “crazy”?

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