Considerations for Reviewing and Submitting Video Footage

The following information provides guidance on reviewing and submitting video footage for possible inclusion on the My CAMHS Choices website. This information may be updated at any point and is meant for guidance only- the Evidence Based Practice Unit of Anna Freud Centre and UCL (EBPU):

  • Reserve the right to decide whether to upload, remove and edit videos for suitability at all times;
  • Reserve the right to create and upload a text version (transcription) of the video for purposes of accessibility;
  • Reserve the right to use the video as part of training or events or in relation to other projects being run by the unit;
  • Will add titles, logos and a copyright page to the video before publishing on the website.

Aims of the website:

The purpose of the website is to provide young people and their families with information about the process of seeking help from CAMHS. The website consists of a number of videos created by young people who have first-hand experience of accessing the services that CAMHS provide. There are also a range of videos created by professionals working in CAMHS to give young people an overall picture of what to expect if and when they decide to seek help from their services.

The videos cover a range of topics, with the aim of addressing the many concerns and worries that young people may experience prior to entering CAMHS. It is hoped that the information provided on the website will empower young people and their families to take a more active role in their path of care, by providing them with knowledge and confidence when moving forward through the services that CAMHS provide.

Before submitting video footage for publication onto the website please read and adhere to the following list of considerations:-

Videos may be uploaded where:

  • Adhere to the purpose and overall aims of the site
  • Provides information about experience of service in CAMHS
  • Information provided could be generalisable to others
  • Permission has explicitly been given, in writing, to use the video for the website, or where there are clearly no copyright restrictions
  • Video is of sufficient quality such that a user of the website can understand what is being said with ease

Videos may not be uploaded where:

  • Not relevant to purpose of the site
  • Detailed information about a particular individual’s diagnoses or difficulties
  • Detailed information about a particular service name or location
  • Defamatory or derogatory towards service or individuals (clinicians or service users)
  • Interviewer or Respondent style is inappropriate, e.g. laughs inappropriately, factually incorrect information given
  • No consent has been given for video to go on publically accessible website
  • Technical problems with video that cannot be easily edited

Uploading video footage:

ONLY send video footage where permission has been sought and granted. Videos can be submitted as one long video which requires editing into smaller sections, or already split by question.

Please note that all final decisions on suitability for publication and relevance of content rest with the EBPU.

If you have any concerns or questions about the considerations discussed here, please contact a member of the project team on:


T: 0207 443 2218

If you have read the do’s and don’ts above and would like to submit your own video footage, please return to the Get Involved page and follow the instructions.

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