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We want this website to continue to be relevant and up to date, so please send us any videos you have or want to make about your experiences or knowledge of CAMHS.  Whether you are a young person or clinician working within CAMHS, we would love to hear from you. If we think your video is suitable for the website, we may publish it. 

To upload a video(s), please follow the steps below:

N.B. Please note all videos are reviewed for suitability before publishing on this website. We cannot guarantee that your video will be accepted.

  1. Please read the list of do’s and don’ts for submitting video footage
  2. You may decide to give your opinion on some of the questions already available on the website or you might have some suggestions for new questions which haven’t been covered yet. To view all of the questions currently available on the website, please go to: Questions covered on the website
  3. Once you have read the do’s and don’ts and have decided on what question(s) you would like to cover in your video, please fill in your details below.
  4. Please also make sure that a copy of the consent form has been completed and submitted in the ‘consent form’ field below.


Maximum video upload size: 64M. Accepted file formats: avi, flv, wmv, mov, mp4.

You can either upload a video here, or provide a web address if the video is hosted on another website.

Download the consent form here

If you are uploading a video, the upload make take a few moments; please don't resubmit the form while upload is in progress.

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